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Classic Rakia – Burgaska Grape Rakia

Classic Rakia – Burgaska Grape Rakia

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Bulgaria, Pomorie

Black Sea Gold, Classic Rakia – Burgaska Grape Rakia

Rakia is a traditional Bulgarian drink made from aromatic grape varieties. Unlike classical brandy, which acquires flavour and complexity via maturation in oak barrels, rakia is meant as an aperitif and therefore has to convey the aromatic freshness of its grape source.

Burgaska Grozdova is Rakia produced by classical Bulgarian technology. It has a distinctive aroma, and a soft and harmonious taste. Made from specially selected quality grapes following a classic Bulgarian recipe, the Bugras Rakia is an excellent example of the unique climatic features of the sunny south coast of the Black Sea perfect for grape growing – long sunshine, proximity to the sea, the nearby Balkans mountain, and fertile soils.

40% alcohol