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About Us

We are a couple of wine enthusiasts looking for good value and top quality wines from all around the world.

We started our wine journey like most people; walking into a local wine store and staring at hundreds of bottles of wine, without knowing which is good, or which suits our tastes. Most of the time, we would end up with an average bottle of wine, or sometimes even leaving a bad taste in our mouths!

Frustrated with the lack of quality control in the selection and importing of wines in local stores, who prioritize quantity over quality, we decided to start a niche wine store and personally picking only great tasting wines that are guaranteed to earn praises from you and your loved ones.

All the wines at NineWines.Sg are specially curated. We have visited almost all of the wineries and vineyards of the wines sold here. We have not only tasted the range of wines each of them had to offer, but also took the time to understand their terroir, vinticulture and wine-making processes in order to select the best ones to be offered to you.

We have set our prices to be very competitive, as we believe that the chance to savour great wines should not be just for the rich, but for everyone who wants to pamper themselves every now and then. After all, fine wines are all you need to unwind every night!


Carpe Diem!